Over the years many terms for describing Asian items on ebay have been and are still being abused…the terms below are what we would consider to be a general rule of thumb with terminology we personally use for our ebay auctions…these are our opinions and our items we sell are “guaranteed as described” within the parameters below.

The standards by which BKCranston dates their Asian items are as follows:


The term CIRCA (Ca. / C.) is used when exact time frame is not certain.

Circa Dating:

100 years or less is +/- 25 years

300- 101 years is +/- 50 years

1000 – 301 years is +/- 100 years

1001 – 2000 years is +/- 300 years

2001-5000 years is +/- 500 years

(i.e. C.1925 = 1900-1950, C.1750 = 1700-1800, c.1400 = 1300-1500…)


The following general terms are defined as such:

Antique = pre 1940

Vintage = 1940 - 1989

Contemporary = 1990 - present

New = just made, unused


Describing a century:

21st Century = 2000-present

20th Century = 1900-1999

19th Century = 1800-1899

18th Century = 1700-1799….and so on….

Part of a century:

Early = first quarter of a century

Early-Mid = First & Second quarter or a century

Mid = second & third quarter of a century

Mid-Late = third & fourth quarter of a century

Late = fourth quarter of a century


Date spans are used for a specific known period of time:

i.e. …”dating to 1940-1960”…., self explanatory!


Chinese Dynasty / Reign dating is as follows:

The Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and the Emperors reign dates:

Hongwu 1368-98, Jianwen 1399-1402, Yongle 1403-1424, Hongxi 1425, Xuande 1426-1435, Zhengtong 1436-1449, Jingtai 1450-1456, Tianshun 1457-1464,

Chenghua 1465-1487, Hongzhi 1488-1505, Zhengde 1506-1521, Jiajing 1522-1566, Longqing 1567-1572, Wanli 1573-1620, Taichang 1620, Tianqi 1621-1627,

Chongzhen 1628-1644

The Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) and the Emperors reign dates:

Shunzhi 1644-1661, Kangxi 1662-1722, Yongzheng 1723-1735, Qianlong 1736-1795, Jianqing 1796-1820, Daoguang 1821-1850, Xianfeng 1851-1861

Tongzhi 1862-1872, Gungxu 1875-1908, Xuantong 1909-1911


Asian item age stated as:

Period -  from a specific reign within a dynasty, age guaranteed as such.

Period ? or Possibly Period  appears to be from a specific period, many attributes in quality and construction qualify the piece to be of the certain period, piece may or may not be marked with reign date, it is not guaranteed as period, it is bid on using your own free will and judgment as to age with pictures and description supplied.

Period Make – made like the original, of later date production, not period.

Period Made – made in and dates to the period specified.

Bears the Mark - signed with a reign and/ or dynasty date mark.

Bears the mark and Period - signed with a reign and/ dynasty date mark, it is from a specific reign within a dynasty and guaranteed as such.


General dating for American Period and Styles:

(Periods and styles did overlap throughout the years)

This is a general list for the more common terms used.

Mid Century Modern: 1930’s  - 1970’s

Art Deco : 1920’s - 1930’s

Art Nouveau:  1915 - 1920’s

Arts & Craft:  1890’s - 1915

Victorian:  1840’s – 1900

Empire: 1830’s-1840’s

Sheraton: 1810’s - 1830’s

Federal: 1780’s - 1810’s

Chippendale: 1760’s - 1780’s

Queen Anne: 1740’s - 1760’s